Activation Process

NEXT STEPS – very important

First, I would like to welcome you to Sunshine Babysitting, a PER-DIEM (on-call) child care agency and dependent care agency through Sunshine HCC.

You have just completed the application and should receive an email from the mailing list for job alerts for your area.

The email should look like this: (Be sure to add and to your safe senders list.)

Welcome to the “listname” mailing list  (the listname will be “Central” or other areas).

it will be coming from

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The good news is YOU ARE HIRED pending completion of the activation process.

Note:  this is an excellent way to earn extra money and can lead to more work; this should not be considered a full time job i.e. guaranteed income; is purely dependant on your willingness to work. There are a lot of requests that come in that you can choose to accept or reject.  They requests will come in the form of text messages / email (which you have been subscribed to, even before completing the process).  If you prefer not to receive messages via email or text and would prefer to follow this blog or follow Sunshine’s twitter feed @ResortChildcare, you can unsubscribe any time. Sometimes texts and emails can be annoying for those who have limited availability.


Important to follow Job Postings on Facebook and Twitter if you do not like to receive direct texts or emails (they are not public accounts; both feeds require approval to join)

The type of employment we offer:

(1) Backup Care employee sponsored childcare and dependent care (also known as BUCA, WOG or BUC) on a Per-Diem basis as an employee. Pay rate before taxes is $14.00 flat rate per hour.

(2) Babysitter for vacationers to Florida (where parents pay cash and the babysitter pays an agency fee per assignment via paypal or snail mail). On average the minimum per hour you will earn is $11.84/hr. to $14.00 per hour (even more at times) as self employed.  Our rates are established to ensure babysitters receive big tips!



The Background screening process consists of two background checks –  locatorClick Enhanced Screening button

This Special Screening is part of our E-Verify System that is not connected with Level 2 screening which only verifies major crimes through fingerprints

Enhanced Background Check  The charge will be between $34 and up depending where you have lived (average is $34).

**If you are already LEVEL 2 SCREENED, you will still have to complete the online background check because Level 2 screening only checks for serious felonies and hight degree mistemenours.


A timesheet is required for every assignment, please read and understand explanation page and print out extra copies to have on hand when needed.  Keep in your car , work and school in case you are called out on a last minute request.

Timesheets and Explanation

ONCE YOU START WORKING remember to send your timesheets in via email preferrably to within 24hrs.  ***Please do NOT text your timesheets to my telephone or gmail account.

As an employee, I am required to keep Federally mandated forms on file for you, called ONBOARDING forms.

Employee Forms: Click each button below, complete, and return to either OR fax to 407-628-4943 for local Orlando and toll free 888-246-6027 ..(don’t throw your copies away;retain for your file). You don’t have to send every page of the employee handbook just signed pages. *** if you do not know how to calculate your allowances (for the W-4), don’t leave the numerical portion blank; go to this link to determine how many exemptions you qualify for (or allowances) 


Employee Handbook

Form I-9 is required to verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States.  This includes citizens and noncitizens.  I will need to photographs of the two acceptable IDs. Both you and I must complete this form.

Onboarding Forms  W‐4 Form for Employees



I-9 FORM (E-Verify) W‐9 Form (business or individual)

Please scan email color copies (photo) of two (2) forms of Identification ( (i.e. Drivers License or Government ID and SS card or Birth Certificate or Passport) and email to  (you can also text the photo to that email address).  Do not fax these items; they must be clear photograph or color copies.


Some jobs pay cash others (as you read above) do not therefore download the Direct Deposit form to avoid delays in payment:

Direct Deposit Form

Please do NOT email or cc any of this information to my gmail account.

 Level 2 Screening (Fingerprints)

Required by law for Dependent Care Workers (elder companion care)

AHCA FingerPrintingClick on the IdentoGO logo

**select AHCA from the drop down; at a discounted rate of $77.00 this will allow you to be eligible to provide care for seniors/dependents (adult care)

**select ALL from the drop down using, EDCFSC30Z as the code the cost is $61.46 if you choose this option, you will not be eligible to provide senior/dependent care.

Use the following address where it calls for employer information:

SUNSHINE BABYSITTING, INC., PO Box 1828, Orlando, FL 32802 

BUCA Training Modules (Certificates for Each Upon Completion)


Both Modules will ask you for your email address use as your email address and the classify yourself as a CAREGIVER and the Company is Sunshine Babysitting.

external-link-xxlIntroductory Call Module for Bright Horizons Backup Care introcallmodule

external-link-xxlCaregiver Training Module for Bright Horizons Backup Care caregivertraining

CPR First Aid Training

CPR-TrainingEJHR Enterprises

Contact (407) 288-5065

Serving Central Florida and Jacksonville

Please email if you know of a free class that is being offered in your area!

POLO SHIRT – (not required to start working)

Order a polo shirt (with logo) from Queensboro Shirt Company here make sure the shirt is turquoise (preferred, because we are migrating to turquoise), white or red.

If you are unable to order a polo shirt immediately, the dress code is no jeans, beige, white blue or black pants (no scrubs, unless you are providing elder care) no open toed shoes, tank tops or multi colors.  Preferably white or red blouse (no t-shirts and no shirts with logos from other companies).

Approved Logo:




Sunshine Babysitting, Resort Childcare, Around the Clock Backup as and When the Need Arises are registered trademarks.

You do not have permission to:

Use SUNSHINE BABYSITTING on any online profile such as care[dot]com sittercity[dot]com craigslist or social network profile to advertise as a caregiver while employed by Sunshine Babysitting.

Use SUNSHINE BABYSITTING on your resume without SUNSHINE BABYSITTING permission.

Take photographs of children without SUNSHINE BABYSITTING express written consent, and all photographs taken are the property of SUNSHINE BABYSITTING, INC.

Speak in any administrative capacity as a representative of SUNSHINE BABYSITTING other than a child care worker.

Share proprietary information about SUNSHINE BABYSITTING with anyone.

Use of CREDIT CARD swiping devices

Sunshine uses a mobile payment gateway that you can use on you or parent’s smartphone at https://www.sunshinebabysitting.comNo other payment gateway is authorized, i.e. your paypal or other credit card processing method.

Sometimes if I sound busy, please don’t take it personally, I encourage you to call me, Cheryl, Sunshine Babysitting 407-421-6505.


You are now subscribed to receive alerts through the list manager.  If you want to update your alerts settings or be added to additional lists, you can do it yourself! (this is a special mailman list manager used to dispatch open assignments to everyone on the list)


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