Announcement for New Sitters

Announcement for New Sitters

You should already be receiving Sunshine Alerts via text and email.  If you are not subscribed to receive text alerts, email me at and I will add you to the list (indicate who your cell phone carrier is).

This BLOG posts ALL jobs that are sent to all of the mailing lists, and you can subscribe to categories here (see links above) as well if for any reason, you feel like you’re missing out on jobs.

You have essentially been hired for 2 jobs

(1) Backup Care employee sponsored childcare employee as a caregiver and

(2) babysitter for vacationer’s to Florida! Now your ready to start the activation process!!! I am anxious to get you activated so please complete following items:

Federal Requirements, Timesheets to retain for your files, forms to complete and return including Babysitter Skill Sets Audit Please download and complete all of the forms at


(requires Adobe Reader, the program is also there for your convenience if your computer does not have it); also download and retain the timesheets for your file (keep at work and in your car for last minute assignments).  Direct Deposit form is Optional, and must include a copy of a Voided Check or something that your bank can provide if you don’t have a check book.

2 Forms of ID

Please scan email or take a photo of 2 Forms of ID ( (i.e. Drivers License or Government ID and SS card or Birth Certificate or Passport) and text to

REMEMBER SCAN EMAIL YOUR FORMS TO  or fax to 1-407-421-6505

Background Check. REQUIRED to work.  Please click this

LINK sterlingbackcheck

and complete the background check as soon as possible. It is $43.00. If you work more than 20 hours, you can request a reimbursement of $25.00. PLEASE CALL or email WHEN YOU COMPLETE IT, SO I CAN ACTIVATE YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Introductory Call Module

Introductory call module online at brainshark callcat

Use as your email address and the classify yourself as a CAREGIVER when asked. When you register your name, please type it correctly (use Proper Case) because it will generate a certificate of completion based on the information you provide (this does not cost any money).

Please do not hesitate to call me, Cheryl at 407-421-6505.

CPR First Aid

If you live in the Orlando area, call Donna our CPR Trainer, she can be reached at 407-319-4813

You can call anytime day or night

Sunshine Babysitting is a 24hr on call babysitting service. If you are on an assignment and need a question answered, don’t hesitate to call no matter how early or late.

Sometimes if I sound busy, please don’t take it personally, I encourage you to call.

Cheryl, Sunshine Babysitting 407-421-6505

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